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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Vegetable stack

It's like that Kellogs Cornflakes ad: Sometimes the simple things in life are often the best. And when you have a fridge full of red capsicum, early-spring asparagus, rocket lettuce and home-grown zucchini you have the making of such a satisfying dinner. I just grilled all the vegies (bar the rocket!) with a sprinkling of dried oregano (the stuff from Greece dried on silent mountainsides by young virgins...), olive oil and salt flakes. I then made a restaurant-style TOWER! of criss-crossed vegetables layered with some home-made pesto and different types of soft cheese we had (herbed goats cheese - yum! and light cream cheese), some Italian proscuitto for smoky saltiness and a touch of the fab unrefined honey for just that hint of sweetness.
Very satisfying - both in taste and in the knowledge of the goodness of lots of healthy vegetables getting into your body. And very quick to make on a worknight.


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