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Monday, July 03, 2006

Rude Food

Hehehe. Rude Food. Lots of undergraduate fun.
Fart bar! Big Nuts! Jussi Pussi! Happy Crak! Homo Milk! Fanny tuna!....


  • I have read cookbooks in bed for about 10 years now. Love to cook and try anything (almost). Lived in Wollongong for a year and developed a taste and CRAVING for Vegemite and Marmite (after my first shock at a Sydney YWCA--I'm from the Pacific Northwest of the US--I thought hmmmmm....plum jam? Slapped a big gob on my toast and nearly burst into tears--I thought it was a bad, bad joke...! Ha, ha! When I was 10 years old a Japanese girl moved in next door and we became best friends--I ate all the standard home cooking and soon became addicted to seaweed. I wouldn't touch sashimi until my early 20's--attended one of my friend's family's New Years feast: I was the only white person there, and most of the relatives didn't speak English very well. I gnoshed my way around the table and came to a lovely plate of what I took to be a new kind of bean paste. I couldn't get anybody's attention, so I just popped one in my mouth--it was DELICIOUS! No one else was eating any (Japanese are very polite to guests), so there was a lot and I ate a few more pieces. Finally I found one of my friend's aunts and asked her what that was, and she said, "raw salmon"--I resisted the impulse to grab my throat. I have craved raw fish (dipped in soy sauce and wasabi ever since.) I lived for about a year in Yokohama (went to meet up with my friend and her family)and became crazy about squid on a stick (like yaki tori only much better). Tried natto and became addicted to that, too, while there. It's hard to find back home, so I've been deprived awhile. However, I haven't eaten bugs (on purpose), snakes (don't want to)or alligator. Did try whale meat in Japan, but only once on general principles--it was o.k, but not worth killing as far as I'm concerned. Horse meat was popular in Portland, Oregon where my friend's family lived for some years--it was fairly good, but made me a little queasy (same as for whales). I don't want to eat cornish game hen or quail 'cause they're little and cute. Octopus is good, but they're so smart I don't want to anymore, either. Oh yeah--I was a teacher for a few years, but I think I shouldv'e become a chef...

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