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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Brandy sauce and plum icecream

This very rich, tasty and alcoholic icecream is the product of me totally stuffing up my usually brilliant recipe for brandy sauce. Instead of using a heavy saucepan and cooking the sauce very slowly, I was impatient and had the heat up too high.....so the eggs curdled and it all seemed bad. Christmas was now surely ruined, wasn't it?!
However, I am loath to throw good food away, even if it is curdled. Surely something about it could be redeemed? It *did* have 1/2 a cup EACH of brandy and expensive old Port, so that made me even more determined to do something with it. I had the idea of mixing the sauce through some leftover vanilla icecream and folding some chopped, tinned plums through it all, then freezing it; a bit like the frozen Christmas puddings so popular for Australians. This worked extremely well and the icecream tastes rich and alcholic, albeit a little grainy from the afore-mentioned curdling incident. But I can thoroughly recommend this idea to any of you looking for an icecream alternative to Christmas pudding - folding mixed, dried fruits and peel through it would also make it a great Christmas dessert.
The recipe for the fabulous brandy sauce will come in a following post...a following post detailing my more successful attempt at creating it!


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