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Friday, January 28, 2005

Homemade coconut & lime jelly

I had lots of gelatine sachets left over after my Sugar High Friday contribution of orange & cardamom jelly, and it's still damn hot here, so about half an hour before I headed out to A's house for dinner I decided to make a cooling jelly for dessert. This was also prompted by finding a jar of intriguing coconut jam I had bought a few months ago at an Asian grocery. It's like a jar of caramel, but intensely coconut flavoured, and I've been a bit stumped with what I can do with it. It's just too sweet and cloying on it's own, but balanced with some really sour lime juice...hey, that just might work! I reckon it did, quite well. OK - it's really unphotogenic, and really not something you'd serve at a dinner party (poo brown jelly, anyone?) but the taste is really light and refreshing. It isn't helped by the sun having already set by the time we took the photo - it was prettier in the sunlight! It's interesting that it separated into two distinct layers - the top turning opaque and creamy tasting, the bottom transparent and more sour with lime. I'm guessing the coconut jam split into two...perhaps stirring or skimming would prevent that?
Making your own jelly really is SO easy and the taste is miles better than the boxes of stuff you buy at the supermarket. It's hardly a recipe, but if you want it, click on!

Coconut & Lime Jelly

A few large spoonfuls of coconut jam (from the Philippines)
As much lime juice as creates a balance between sickly sweet and too sour

500 mls boiling water
1 sachet of gelatine crystals

Combine the coconut jam & lime juice in a shallow bowl. Add crystals, then pour on the hot water and stir until everything is dissolved. Place in the fridge for a few hours until set.


  • I think the coconut jam you got is also known as kaya. Traditionally its eaten spread on toast along with melted butter. Its absolutely fabulous and well worth the calories :)
    Never thought of trying it as a jelly, but looks yummylicious too!

    By Blogger MooMooCow, at 5/16/2005 05:57:00 pm  

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