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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Search terms


Ohmygawd. I've just found THE BEST search terms somebody used in Google to find my site.

Are you ready?

This is what they typed to find me:

dirty underwear in a saucepan

What the F***??!!!! I have to say I burst out in hysterical laughter. What kind of weirdo is looking for saucepans filled with dirty panties?? I'm still laughing about it.
If you're interested in seeing what other odd (though less odd than the one above) search terms people used to find this site, then read on!

All phrases appear exactly how the user typed them in to the Google search box:

my lebkuchens taste horrible (hope I wasn't able to help there. My lebkuchen taste great!)

nasty niki, australia (I really hope they weren't looking for me)

homemade blankets such as powder puffs (eh?)

precipitation with gelatine (WTF is this??)

duck confit recipe weblog boyfriend (odd combo there)

"danish wine" "high alcohol" (fantastic! Must ask Zarah Maria about this!)

a variation of the straight dough method where the dough can be in the refirgerator overnig (this is one of my favourites. This person evidently has no idea how to use Google effectively. They even ran out of room in the search box!)

american stores that carry truffes fantaisie (can't help you there. Sorry.)

Pavlova + egg white measurement in liquid (this sounds interesting...)

food pairing "australian pinot noir" (Duck. Duck is the PERFECT pairing)

Cheesecake recipes +cakey+Japanese (erm...cakey cake?)

citrus fruit refridgerate in humidity (Is this an issue?)

vintae german tea set (Sounds good...if in fact, it's a vintage set you want. How they found my site with these words is intriguing)

recipe for dutch babycakes (there are Dutch babycakes? Tell me more!)

australian womens weekly magazine biscuits and slices 1985 (heh. I own this book!)


  • Funny stuff - how did you go about grabbing these search phrases?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/13/2005 04:31:00 pm  

  • Nasty Niki You!;-) The dirty underwear - was that because of your IMBB? taboo thing?? But agreed, WHO would be looking for something like that?!?

    Danish wine - see, you wouldn't believe until you tasted it, but we do make wine here in DK - whether the alcohol content is high, I dunno...

    And Molly at Orangette has a recipe for Dutch Baby Pancakes! But seriously: you have the greatest search phrases - mine are all "homemade nutella", "Magnolia cupcakes" - BORING! LMAO again and again at yours!

    By Blogger Zarah Maria, at 4/13/2005 09:15:00 pm  

  • Hi Binnsy - I installed a sitemeter for my pages. If you look on the right toolbar, just above the Ads by Goooooogle you'll see the icon. I'm not sure if anyone other than me can access the information, but it tells me who's visiting, what pages they looked at, how long they stayed, and what site recommended them to me. For some reason, the Google recommendations list the search tersm used. It's a daily fixation of mine to check this....

    Zarah Marai - Yes, it was my comments about cumin smelling like dirty underwear that did it! Most of my search terms are pretty dull, but these have been collected over about 6 months. Whenever I see a good one I save it to my list.
    I actually knew about Denmark producing wine - can you believe it? When I was staying in Copenhagen last year, our hosts (2 uni students) said they wanted to serve us Danish wine with their traditional Danish dinner, but they couldn't afford it! So they gave us French wine instead...I didn't complain! I think they said that Danish wine is mainly white? Or only white wine?

    By Blogger Niki, at 4/13/2005 10:35:00 pm  

  • Nasty Niki? But you've only been so nice! Hehehe!

    You get interesting referrals. I'm looking at the "precipitation with gelatine" and what could it mean? Will gelatine congeal with moisture?

    And then "citrus fruit refridgerate in humidity" - hmmm... if it's hot and humid, yes...

    But then I'm second guessing the searchers, hehehe! This is addicting! We can play a game with your referrals Niki!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/28/2005 07:46:00 am  

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