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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lamb Pizza

Sydney Road in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick & Coburg is well known for its large number of Middle-Eastern cafes and bakeries. Fantastic flat bread, filo triangles, grilled meats and dips in every possible flavour and colour. The Middle-Eastern countries also have a version of pizza which can sometimes be even better than the standard Italian version. Most often their 'pizzas' are toppd with minced lamb ground with cinnamon, chili and lemon juice; you can imagine how good that would taste!
I was wandering down Sydney Rd at lunchtime last week, and passed a Lebanese bakery where I picked up the little treat above. Instead of a bread base they had used puff pastry and topped it with the spicy lamb, pinenuts and fresh coriander. A perfect size for lunch and you know the best bit? It cost all of $1.70!! When you become so used to paying $6 for a simple sandwich in the CBD, something of this quality and taste at such a low price comes as a pleasant shock!
Ok - A. looked at the photo and went "eewwww...what's that brown stuff?" (or something with a similar ewwww tone.) but to me it looks beautiful! Even more so accompanied by my own oven-dried tomatoes!

Here's a pdf showing Sydney Road's Middle-Eastern delights


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