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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Easy dinner: creamy lentils with sumac lamb chops

Inspired by a recent post by Kitchen Hand, I took a walk down the street to buy some babaganoush to make his fast meal of creamy lentils with sumac grilled chicken breasts. I loved the idea, and felt like slapping myself around the head for not thinking of it earlier, but after coming home I discovered the chicken breasts I thought were in the freezer were no longer. Bugger! I didn't want to go out again, so the choice was between some frozen flathead fillets or some little lamb chops; the yummy ones with the tail. My decision was easy; cold night...hungry....lamb chops.
The lentils are so easy to make; just boil up a can of lentils in its juice then drain and add 2 tablespoons of babaganoush (smoky eggplant and tahini dip) and some lemon juice until thickened. I added a generous handful of fresh parsley and coriander toward the end. On top of this I had two pan-grilled lamb chops sprinkled with sumac and garlic. I had some leftover roast pumpkin and lettuce, so I had a fully balanced meal. :-)
This was so tasty that I went out today and bought another few cans of lentil to keep for when I want I want to make it again, which will be pretty soon I imagine. Next time I'll try it with chicken breasts, but it was pretty darn good with lamb!
Thanks Kitchen Hand for such a quick and tasty idea.


  • YUM!
    That sounds great Niki, gee those lentils do sound easy and good!

    By Blogger eat stuff, at 7/23/2005 11:20:00 pm  

  • Oh boy oh boy, that looks good! I love baba ghanoush and am not afraid of lentils either - will have to try this! Thanks Niki (and Kitchen Hand)!

    By Blogger Cerebrum, at 7/23/2005 11:30:00 pm  

  • I'm not a big eggplant fan, but this I think I can eat!

    By Blogger Stephanie, at 7/24/2005 01:51:00 am  

  • That sounds good. Another easy lentil recipe is one of Nigel Slater's. Lentils, fried mushroom with onion, garlic and bacon, add fresh parsley and butter, serve with good sausages.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/24/2005 06:47:00 pm  

  • Hi Niki - sounds tasty! I bought some sumac recently, and you've just given me a good idea for using it. Thanks!

    By Blogger Pille, at 7/25/2005 08:03:00 pm  

  • Clare - so easy! I made them again last night.

    Zarah Maria - If you like both things, you'll really like these lentils. I have no doubt!

    Stephanie - the eggplant taste in babaganoush isn't too pronounced, so I think you'd like this.

    Anna - That indeed sounds like a great recipe; I love Nigel Slater. (and there's no Slater recipe without a good slab of butter, is there??)

    Pille - I reckon sumac makes everything taste good! I sprinkled it over the skin of a chicken I roasted on Saturday night, and it was the PERFECT seasoning!

    By Blogger Niki, at 7/25/2005 08:43:00 pm  

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