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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Haigh's SUPER Chocolate Frog

Look what A. got today. :-) Ok, so it was a present from me to thank him for singing some gorgeous songs by Vaughan-Williams (which made me cry) during my schoolfriend's wedding on Sunday. Sure, I could have bought him flowers, but he's always out at work or rehearsal and wouldn't get a chance to enjoy them at home. And yes, I could have bought him wine, but as a singer taking care of his voice, I'd be the one who drank it. Great for me, but not such a present for him.
So, I bought him dark chocolate. That's one of the things that is good for singers' throats! Specifically anything ove 70%, which this isn't, but still.....it's a giant chocolate frog people! Wouldn't you kill to have one yourself?? This baby is nearly half a kilo of thick as guts dark chocolate - see the hastily arranged blue clothes peg for a size comparison.

I've wanted one for years, but never really had good enough reason to do it. So I thoroughly enjoyed the little expedition to the Haigh's shop on Swanston St on my day off on Monday, presenting it to him on his lunchbreak. Being a good Adelaide boy, A. is a big fan of Haigh's (we even visited the factory in July), and an even bigger fan of their dark chocolate. Yes, it's "only" 51%, not 70%, but who's nitpicking here? Giant dark chocolate frog, people!

This thing is seriously thick. Tooth breakingly thick, and I was intrigued as to how he'd go about getting stuck into it. Would he use a knife? Would he soften it slightly in the microwave? Would he just risk dental costs and attack it with his teeth? So, I interrogated him via email. His reply:
Subject: Re: interested to know
Bit off with my teeth. Ate about 2/5 of it, then felt sick so stopped.
Tastes so yummy! :-)

No wonder! 2/5 is giving it a fair whack. I bet he suffered all afternoon with an Augustus Gloop-sized tummy ache! :-)

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