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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Happiness Soup


This is another Nigella recipe. When I came back from Europe all I wanted after my 28 hour travelling "experience" was some soup. All we had was tinned tomato. So, I knew when A came back 2 weeks later that I would make some light, refreshing soup to soothe his tired, frazzled body.
I had heard a few bloggers mention Nigella's happiness soup, and decided it sounded perfect. A chicken broth studded with yellow courgettes and rice, and loaded with lemon juice.
Unfortunately, I cannot find yellow courgettes anywhere in Melbourne, so I had to use standard zucchini, and without any basmati rice on hand I used long grain. I'm also not sure about the quantity of lemon required. My soup was so intensely lemony I've had to constantly augment it with extra chicken stock every time I take it back out of the fridge. It seems whenever I put it back, it intensifies even more!
It's certainly an unusual soup. Maybe not my favourite, but with a few tweakings, I think it could be a winner for Summer.


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