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Friday, November 26, 2004

Mango Lassi/Smoothie

It was hot today. Too darn hot - 36 degrees... This is typical for Melbourne... only 2 days ago I was wearing polar fleece and a woolly scarf and today I was traipsing around the city longing to be back home by the swimming pool with a long, cool drink.
Coming home, I was too hot to feel hungry and nearly ignored the fresh mango sitting on the bench, but pretty quickly came to my senses. I have a huge carton of fresh yoghurt also sitting pretty in the fridge and a bunch of fresh mint, so I knew then what I had to make.

I don't know if this can really be called a lassi, as those I've ordered in Indian restaurants are much creamier and sweeter, so perhaps this is just a mango smoothie. Whatever it is, it's yummy, and it's hitting the spot right now.

My Mango Smlassi (!)

1/2 ripe mango
handful fresh mint
crushed ice cubes
~1/2 cup yoghurt
squirt of honey

Cobine all ingredients in a blender. Enjoy watching it all mix together.
Find the perfect size glass (I was lucky!).


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