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Monday, December 06, 2004

The Aussie Beach

Nothing to do with food, but here are a few photos I took of my time down on the Great Ocean Road this weekend. For those who have always been interested in the idea of the great Australian beaches, here's an (almost) first hand picture-experience for you!

Early evening deserted beach.
This is a family cooking their dinner of just-caught fresh fish, whilst sitting on the beach. The smells coming from their cooking-pot were stomach-rumblingly delicious, and I was taken with what a romantic idea it was to eat fish just caught from the ocean, sitting the sand dunes with one's family. The lighthouse in the background will no doubt give away my location to those who know the area. :-)

Me being artistic on the beach....

Two friendly, very Australian birds on our balcony. A rosella on the left, and a sulfur-crested cockatoo, with enormous yellow crest on the right. Apparently we could be nice to the rosellas, but had to chase away the cockatoos as they had a habit of trying to chip away the walls of the house with their beaks!


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