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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Banana white chocolate cheesecake

Banana cheesecake

This effort is something I made for an Advent Sunday brunch recently. We had quite a few very ripe bananas, some of which I used in the chocolate banana bread, but I wanted to use the rest. We also had quite a few cinnamon biscuits (speculaas) that were starting to go a little soft, so I decided to create a type of banana cheesecake.
I crushed the biscuits with much enjoyment; they were much easier to turn into fine crumbs than the butternut snaps the other week. For the filling I adapted a recipe I found online, and now cannot find again. No matter, it wasn't really that wonderful and I adapted it to use the cottage cheese I had, rather than cream cheese. It came out lighter, and with a less intense flavour. Not exactly wonderful, to be honest.
I decided at that point that it needed a type of top layer, or icing. I remembered I had a container in the freezer of white chocolate ganache I had used previously on some cupcakes. I desfrosted that and mixed it with some lime juice to give it a little more zing (white chocolate ganache tends to be a bit cloying and heavy). Finally I dry toasted some shredded coconut and then put the whole thing in the freezer. We ate it at the lunch semi-frozen, which was perfect for the weather.

banana white chocolate cheesecake


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