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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Simple quiche

This quiche, which I made for dinner a while ago was, to be completely honest, nothing extra-special or out of the ordinary. But it photographed so nicely that I'm including it here, in a post I'm quickly writing at work because I won't have time to do a nice, full post about something really exciting (!) tonight. Apologies - but I know that once people stop posting fairly reguarly it's easy to stop checking in to their site. I know I've been guilty of it in the past. I don't particularly want to lose lots of readers, so a posting-I-will-go. The learning curve of the new job is settling down, and I'm feeling more comfortable here, so hopefully more regular posting (and cooking, for that matter) will eventuate.

I had made my own pastry -the excellent pate brisee via Clothilde that I've posted about before- for the little lemon meringue tarts, and had a bit leftover - just enough to stretch into our flan tin. Give it a bit of a blind bake, so the quiche filling doesn't make it too soggy. I made up a filling of eggs, milk, and a handful of frozen spinach I sauteed (from frozen!) in a pan with some pancetta. Toss it into the tin, and bake for about....ohh...I dunno....20-30 minutes? Until the filling is set. I overcooked mine a little, so the egg became a bit rubbery. It's difficult to give accurate times, because so much depends on trial and error. I've learnt that quiches don't take as long as I thought!, but this one was still really tasty.

In fact, I seem to recall eating the last slice of it on the plane to Adelaide for breakfast... It makes me feel a bit privileged opening up some nice home-made bit of cooking on those new airlines which don't include a meal in their price, but instead try to sell you overpriced, overchilled sandwiches which the bloke in the seat next to you always seems to purchase without any sort of enjoyment....I wonder if they'd let you heat things up in their ovens? Hmmmm - now there's a thought. What about a nice roast lamb dinner brought from home?


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