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Esurientes - The Comfort Zone

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well, after 2 years in the planning, it's finally come to departure day. Tonight I'm jetting off to Rome for my vocal ensemble's second European tour. We started organising this soon after we returned in 2004 (and coincidentally, I started this blog straight after I came back from that trip) and it still doesn't feel like it's really happening....today!
After touring and singing with them in Italy, Switzerland and the UK for about 4 weeks (itinerary), I'm travelling to the Czech Republic and Germany on my own, then meeting my mum in England for a driving tour of the Cotswolds and Wales. I'll be back in mid-November. 8 weeks: certainly the longest time I've been away so far!
I really have no idea what the blogging situation will be like. Perhaps when I have some free time on my own I'll get to an internet cafe and do a few posts, but I'm pretty sure they'll be without photos. You'll have to hold on until I get back for that!
So....see you on the other side!


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